CS Advisors

About Us

             CS Advisors (CSA) works with business enterprises to optimize their leases and debts in order to increase profitability and to avoid financial crisis.  We help our clients to achieve the best deal terms possible on their lease and debt obligations.

        CSA endorses the active management of a company's portfolio of fixed obligations.  Active management involves a detailed review at regular intervals of a company's leased properties and debts.  CSA analyzes, rates and ranks a company's obligations.  CSA then develops specific recommendations to modify or terminate obligations in order to improve the company's financial position.  CSA refers to this process as optimizing the lease and debt portfolios.

          CSA also assists companies that are facing a significant financial challenge.  Like portfolio optimization, the process of assisting a company in distress involves analyzing problems in detail, then distilling complex and uncontrollable factors into solutions. 

          CSA negotiates directly with landlords, creditors and other constituents to achieve the client's objectives, while maintaining critical relationships.

           CSA works regularly with corporate-operated and franchise restaurants and retailers, office/industrial tenants and private equity-owned portfolio companies.  CSA works with grocery stores, technology companies, financial services firms, law firms and educational facilities.  A typical assignment will involve multiple locations, but CSA also works with single locations, special situations and international locations.